Enhancement to Maximo

GeoMarker is a solution designed for visual description of your business objects on a map, i.e. any type of assets (buildings, cars, equipment, etc.),  locations, requests, work orders. You can keep details about work orders or service requests and simply use them later. It is extremely helpful for teams, shifts, colleagues who work with the same objects, in the same location.

Do you have any benefits? Sure…

  • Reduced overall time needed to handle tasks because you can find the required object quickly and directly in Maximo
  • Improved productivity of service teams that can use geographic information that is related to service requests or work orders and was carefully saved before.

As a sample scenario, imagine you need to serve a cooling fan that is mounted on a roof of a production facility. At the beginning, a member of the mount crew or other authorized person marks the service object on the map (see a small red rectangle on the picture below):

Object : FAN100 (Asset)

Description: Cooling FAN

Location: On the roof

Sample scenario: step 1

Then, the service crew makes a visit to your cooling fan to service it. The service crew puts additional information about cooling fan’s location on the map. For example, they can store information how to get to the destination quickly. They mark the store where bicycles that can be used to travel between production facilities of the manufacturing enterprise are kept. See the route in red from main entrance of a building to a bike store on the picture below.

Sample scenario: step 2

Then, the member of service crew goes to the service point. See the route in red to the service point – entrance of the building 120 where cooling fan is located.

Sample scenario: step 3

Now imagine your team serves an airport, or a huge production plant, or better both…Do you see now how valuable and helpful such a Maximo enhancement might be for your business?

The service crew enters information that is needed to get to the cooling fan, namely:

  • the entrance to the manufacturing enterprise,
  • route to the bike store,
  • route from the bike store to the production facility,
  • and entrance to the production facility.

The information can be used by other teams who will need to serve the cooling fan or to perform other jobs on the territory of the enterprise – an airport, a plant, a factory, a storehouse, etc.

geoMarker as your new component is added to the Maximo Application Designer. Using it, you can embed a map into any application on your own.

New component is added to the Maximo Application Designer

Finally, summary for features:

  • Describe and draw any figure on the map and connect it with a Maximo object
  • Display relevant map information for a given Maximo object
  • Display nearby objects located in the visible map area
  • Navigate from a map figure to a corresponding Maximo object
  • Easily embed the map into any Maximo application using Application Designer
  • Store in Maximo the information you put on the map.

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