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IAS Navigator User Manual

The Item Assembly Structure Navigator (IAS Navigator) is a solution designed for navigation through and quick search of items and their descriptions based on the graphical presentation of the assembly structure. If a device consists of numerous elements, the navigation through its all elements causes a lot of time and effort, and tends to make nervous. Therefore, we offer you a solution that makes your work easier and more efficient.

IAS Navigator matches a graphic representation, or drawing, of a device and its elements with information about them in the database. The feature is especially useful for large complicated devices, like below – there are 31 small parts, each with unique name, purpose, period of service:

IAS Navigator Device

Using IAS Navigator, it is possible to add a picture of an assembly or device, connect it to the inventory database, and navigate easily between different parts of the device structure. To setup the connection between the device and all its elements, a table with a list of integrated items is required and needs to be uploaded into Maximo as a xls file. Then, update all required areas of the jpg file and save all updates by means of Editor, delivered as an addition to IAS Navigator (for more detailes refer to the user manual).

How it is used? As the cursor points to an area, the area is highlighted. Clicking an Item in the assembly structure displays the details of the chosen Item. As the cursor moves from one area to another, the focus moves from the initial area to a new area and the new area is highlighted. Simple and useful.

IAS Navigator Scenario

Benefits? Sure…

  • Accelerated item search leveraged by Item Assembly Structure visualization
  • Reduced Work Order handling time by fast transfer of the required items to Work Order.

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4 thoughts on “IAS Navigator

  1. Pavel Shkilionak says:

    Hi, when you plan to release a new version with new functionality to highlight the same parts simultaneously?

    1. The current version already has this functionality. Shortly a new version is coming where we fixed some minor bugs.

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