Perl script to observe MBO usage statistics

I think that almost everyone who work with TPAE based products have to deal with SystemOut.log files and could observe MBO usage statistics being logged every minute. I mean the lines like that:

[INFO] [MXServer] [] PLUSPAPPLLOC: mbosets (14), mbos (14)
[INFO] [MXServer] [] PLUSPAPPLSERV: mbosets (5), mbos (8)
[INFO] [MXServer] [] PLUSPBATCHSTHIST: mbosets (1), mbos (1)

There is a Perl script that parses SystemOut.log files, fetches the lines like above and generates graphs that displays MBO/MBOSET allocation statistics. Simply run the against a directory with a set of SystemOut.log files and it will produce graphs like the following examples: