IBA Group Completes IBM Maximo Migration Project for Lifecell

Events on 15 Mar , 2017

IBA Group successfully completes migration project for Lifecell IBA Group successfully completed a project for Lifecell, a major Ukrainian mobile telephone network provider.

The project was designed to migrate the customer’s centralized management system for network operation and development from IBM Maximo 5 to IBM Maximo 7. The system integrates and automates more than 30 business processes across radio network, transport network, network control, and network planning departments and serves more than 1,000 active users, with 120-160 users working simultaneously.

One of the main challenges of the project was to migrate the system that is integrated with a number of external systems.  The development and enhancement of the legacy applications were carried out with all applications running during the whole migration process.

Launched in March, 2015, the project was implemented in four stages. For every stage, a group of applications was formed and migrated step by step. To ensure data consistency between Maximo 5 and Maximo 7, data synchronization procedures were established.

In addition, a number of the IBA-developed automation tools became a part of the Maximo development environment. With the enhanced development environment, the project team managed to deliver the second, third, and fourth application blocks with an 80 percent reduction in efforts as compared to the first application block.

In December, 2016, the project was successfully completed and received a positive feedback from the customer. The upgraded management system is stable and meets strict security requirements. The solution was expanded to include new platform features. The system is deeper integrated into the corporate information system, meeting the growing requirements of business units.

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